New rules for North Texas Tollway Authority toll fees

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber rallied Texans angry about excessive overcharges for late fees and penalties. The newspaper columnist urged them to contact state lawmakers. The result? A new state law.

North Texas Tollway Authority faces legal clampdown

After years of treating complaining drivers as if they don’t matter, the monolithic and mostly unregulated North Texas Tollway Authority finds itself pushed up against the wall in the Texas Legislature. It’s not fun on the other side.

Now is the time, if ever, to stop excessive billing practices by the North Texas Tollway Authority

Two North Texas Tollway Authority customers say they tried to pay their bills, but the NTTA sent them to collection agencies anyway

North Texas Tollway Authority unhappy with our report about woman thrown in jail

The North Texas Tollway Authority — NTTA — disputes in detail the recent Dave Lieber report about the single mom who was tossed in jail for 27 hours because of unpaid toll road fines she says she never received. Read the NTTA’s full response and Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber’s response.

Woman goes to jail for unpaid toll bill she says she never received

A Texas woman is arrested and thrown in jail for 27 hours. Her crime? She owed an $11 toll road bill that she didn’t pay. She says she never received the notices from the North Texas Tollway Authority. The authority’s chairman says he didn’t know the authority was behind tossing people into jail. A Texas state senator promises to go after the tollway for abusive fine procedures.

Here’s how to take back some of the authority from the North Texas Tollway Authority

State Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, says she has seen enough of what she calls “exorbitant” penalties. She says the $11 million in penalties collected from drivers since last year is the authority’s way of making up for lost revenue. Watchdog Nation alert: The senator needs your help. Write to her and tell her your toll road horror stories.