Here’s how to take back some of the authority from the North Texas Tollway Authority

As the North Texas Tollway Authority creeps more and more into our lives, drivers continue to have fits over steep fees levied when toll bills aren’t paid on time.

Apparently, the NTTA takes the word authority in its title quite seriously. It continues to charge customers who missed a few dollars in toll payments many hundreds of dollars in fines and fees. Some motorists say they never received the original bills.ntta

State Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, says she has seen enough of what she calls “exorbitant” penalties. She says the $11 million in penalties collected from drivers since last year is the authority’s way of making up for lost revenue.

Watchdog Nation alert: Senator Nelson needs ammunition to take on the authority. Send ideas, stories and comments to or Senator Jane Nelson, P.O. Box 12068, Austin, TX 78711.

Watchdog Nation alert: Senator Nelson needs ammunition to take on the authority. Send ideas, stories and comments to or Senator Jane Nelson, P.O. Box 12068, Austin, TX 78711.

“It’s gotten out of hand,” Nelson says. “What really bothers me is this is not supposed to be a revenue source for the NTTA. A fine should be a reminder that you need to pay for the tolls. But $11 million? That’s a lot of fines.”

The authority says it also spent $35 million in staff salaries and postage to administer its billing system.

Nelson plans to hit the problem head-on in the Legislature: “The way we set it up, I’m not sure we didn’t give them too much authority. We need to go back and consider more oversight.”

More authority over the authority. That comes as welcome news to drivers who say they’ve been burned.

As Dave Lieber first reported in the Oct. 11 column in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, for those who don’t travel east of Tarrant County very often, drivers who use toll roads in Dallas, Denton and Collin counties are encouraged to buy TollTags to hang on their windshield. Tags are read electronically, and the driver’s account is debited.

For those without a tag, the authority photographs their license plate and then mails a bill at a higher rate to the car’s registered owner. The authority is phasing out toll booths where cash is accepted and building roads with few booths.

If a toll-road scofflaw goes too long without paying, the case is referred to a justice of the peace (5,295 cases this year). In the end, an unpaid 45-cent toll can cost hundreds of dollars with added court costs.

Geoff Hartford of Denton says a $3.17 toll charge cost him $139 in payments to a collection agency. He was charged with five late payment violations at $25 each.

“They sent the invoice to my old address in Argyle,” he says.

The NTTA says that the invoices are sent to the listed address in government records and that the vehicle’s owner is responsible for updating the registration.

Charles Evans says he received a bill for $518 for about $18 in tolls. Two employees told him that if he didn’t pay the bill, he could be arrested, he said. Then the NTTA agreed to settle for $187. But when he went to the NTTA’s Web site to buy a TollTag, he found that if he bought a tag he could pay the $18 and clear his account.

“Their whole billing, fee and collection processes almost seem illegal to me,” he says.

The authority changed its policy on negotiated settlements, but its computer system still asks customers to sign up for the old violation enforcement agreement. The NTTA says it is “currently working to correct” the problem.

Robert J. Tilka of Keller has complained to Nelson. He says the authority offered to cut his bill from $518 to $150.

“It’s like organized crime,” Tilka says “It is a total money grab on the citizens of Texas, in my mind. Is there not a way to get people fired from the board? What is the best way to dispute this government agency?”

The NTTA declined to comment on Tilka’s remarks except to say public comment is always welcome.

The NTTA says its board “accepts comments from the public at all posted meetings.” (Visit to learn more.)

In September, tolls on the Dallas North Tollway and President George Bush Turnpike were raised 32 percent. The authority is trying to meet financial commitments, unify its system and respond to economic conditions, spokeswoman Sherita Coffelt says.

Last year, the authority oversaw the sale of $5 billion in bonds for refinancing debt and funding construction. This year the authority issued $1.2 billion in bonds.

The authority says it intends to revisit its fees and penalty policies at a meeting in November.

Former Fort Worth Mayor Ken Barr, who was appointed to the NTTA board last year, said he’s aware that the system has problems and is confident that the board will address them in the next few weeks.

“I think we need to take a very hard look at the authority’s procedures,” he said, adding that it’s important to collect all tolls.

“It is very frustrating to try to collect from everyone and have a lot of people who would appear to purposely avoid paying,” he said. “We’ve got an obligation to regular users to collect from everybody. But that’s extremely difficult to do.”

NTTA Executive Director Allen Clemson says on the authority’s Web site: “The NTTA realizes that mistakes happen, confusion occurs or invoices are overlooked. That’s why we will waive 67 percent of administrative fees incurred if any violator takes care of the balance before the outstanding invoice is transferred to the collection agency.

“The purpose of administrative fees is to help pay for the cost of collection. They are not considered an additional revenue stream.”

But Nelson disagrees. She says that when she has questioned the NTTA, “they’ve been very defensive.”

UPDATES: After this appeared, the authority has asked for a meeting with Sen. Nelson… Thanks also to Reese Dunklin, intrepid investigator for competition-across-town Dallas Morning News for his help in this movement with this much-appreciated post at at DMN Investigates Blog.

Watchdog Nation alert: Senator Nelson needs ammunition to take on the authority. Send ideas, stories and comments to or Senator Jane Nelson, P.O. Box 12068, Austin, TX 78711.

About the NTTA The North Texas Tollway Authority is authorized to acquire, construct, maintain, repair and operate turnpike projects in North Texas.

The governing board’s members are Chairman Paul N. Wageman, Vice Chairman Victor Vandergriff and directors Kenneth Barr, Gary Base, Bob Day, David Denison, Michael Nowels, Bob Shepard and Alan E. Sims.

NTTA customer service: 972-818-NTTA (6882);

Source: NTTA

This is the FLOW CHART from NTTA showing the path of a fine.

Send your comments to State Sen. Jane Nelson at

Send your comments to State Sen. Jane Nelson at

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  1. Austin Lieber says


  2. James Archey says

    I fully agree that the NTTA is a rip-off. I have used the George Bush and man they nailed me with $258.00 round trip. There were no signs that say you will be charged $25.00 if you don't pay cash. I'm a 37 yo college student that works 20 hours a week to pay for my food and gas and school and they wont even work with me. Guess jail is all I have to wait for. I was told that I should quit school for the semester and pay this bill off. What a laugh.. Makes me want to finish school and move to another state. I wonder what has happened to get this country to its current state of being.

  3. My first encounter with the NTTA regarding unpaid tolls was today. For about $50.00 in unpaid tolls, an invoice appeared in an amount over $1600. The invoice had been reduced to about $575 if paid by the 25th – 3 days from now.

    I called and was informed that the invoice had to be paid. I asked for a payment adjustment and a way to pay out over the next few months. I was informed that that was not possible.

    I have not been receiving notices regarding the unpaid invoices prior to this invoice.

    This is terrible. This is wrong.

  4. concerened citizen says

    Fight back. Bombard them with requests under the texas public information act

  5. I hope you can send a letter to State Sen. Jane Nelson, who is collecting information for the 2011 session. You can find her mailing address at You type in your address and your list of representatives pops up.

  6. Mark Conrad says

    I had $200 in missed tolls and they are telling me I owe $4788. I tol them that this is ripoff and they think that they are the mafia!! I can't pay it! Don't have a clue what to do about it……

  7. I tell everyone to send their story to State Sen. Jane Nelson, who promises to look into this during the 2011 Legislature. You can reach her by email at:

  8. Pflugerville Resident says

    I am currently trying desprerately to pay over $6,000 in fees, on tolls that were 2000% less. Today I get yet another notice from NCO financial that reads: Toll Amounts $87.00, Administrative Fees, $2,175.00 Current Balance due $2262. 2000%+ markup. This is just unreal. Where are the laws against this robbery. I have sent a note to Senator Nelson, we'll see how this goes. I used to be a supporter of the tolls, but this can't continue to happen to people that work hard to make a living and then owe over $9000 to TXDOT.

  9. I'm glad you sent a note to Sen. Nelson. In addition, I would write to NTTA Board member Victor Vandergriff, the one board member who recently voted against their plan to essentially continue most of the policies. You can write to him care of NTTA, and you can find their mailing address on I would send it certified, return receipt requested to make sure he or someone there actually gets it and it doesn't get tossed into the billing stream.

  10. Sarah Andress says

    This should be against the law!!! How can a company profit off late charges. I think it is wrong that the adminstration cost is so high! I have called and tried to pay what I owe, t they refuse to take the actual money owed. I REFUSE TO PAY THE 25.OO FOR LESS THAN A 2.00 CHARGE. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP PAYING THE ADMINSTRATION FEES, AND OUR GOVERNOR SHOULD STOP THIS FROM CONTINUING!! WHEN DID THE CORPORATION BEGIN HAVING MORE RIGHTS THAN THE INDIVIDUAL!!!

  11. Chrisy Long says

    Thanks for all of your info!
    Chrisy Long

  12. Brad Cusack says

    The same kinda thing happened to me. I ran a few toll booths not knowing how bad the NTTA late fee's would be. My bill was around 2 G's. I found a clause in the NTTA's policy which stated I could request an appeal to an appeal officer. So I got a supervisor on the phone and she and I discussed it. I had to go through a couple of less than couteous customer service operators but I finnally was connected with a very helpful appeals officer of some sort. She worked out my account with me right then on the phone and only charged me what i owed for unpaid tolls (12 dollars) and some minor other late fee crap. I ended up paying around 75 bucks. I could'nt believe how easy it was to work out. I think attitude goed along way with these people so try to keep your cool. I hope this helps somebody.

  13. Stephanie Ludwig says

    Gawd, thank you! I hope I can do the same …same story here. I'm being told I'll eventually be jailed for non-payment of $1,100. in fees on $60. of toll charges–because payment is late by 45 days. I am flipping out of my mind that this is LEGAL.

  14. You won't be jailed. If you are, I have one heck of a story, don't I? I hope you are writing to Sen Jane Nelson with your complaint. In addition, you can negotiate this downward!

  15. I am owner of a small rental car company in West Texas. We do not have toll roads here. I have been receiving bills for tolls from 2008, 2009 & 2010. There aren't toll booths on these roads, so a person CAN'T pay a toll. I was told by NTTA that if I gave them the name, address and Driver's Licence number of the person who had the vehcile rented, they would forward the bill accordingly. Yesterday, I received 13 toll violation notices with hundreds of dollars in fines and administrative fees. They never notified me that these bills had not been sent to the persons who rented the vehicles. When I called, NTTA, the lady was rude and actually laughed at me when I expressed my outrage. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she put me on hold and after 15 minutes on long distance hold, I gave up. How do I now try to call a person who rented a car from me in 2008 and tell them they owe a $1.80 toll from 2 years ago and now need to pay $76.80. This truely is "Highway Robbery".

  16. Denise Butler says

    I just want to warn everyone. I just got out of jail. Apparently I had a warrant for failure to pay toll. I never received notice of such warrant in the mail. I haven't gotten anything but a bill for 8 dollars from the NTTA. When I was arrested I thought I was going to go to jail for a ticket I had outstanding for an expired registration sticker. The whole time I was in jail I thought that was the case. No one told me while I was in jail what I was even there for. They didn't even let me call anyone for 12 hours. Jail was horrible. I do not know what is going to happen now. They gave me a yellow piece of paper saying that I have been released on bond. I didn't even know I had such a bond or anything!!!???? This is so awful. I just want to let all of you know out there. I "only" owed the NTTA 361 dollars. Be prepared for what is to come. I will write and I will yell from the rooftops of this travesty!

  17. Billed $5.22 on zipcash for daughters car – paid $5.22 by check to North Texas Tollway Au on 11/5/2010. Recieved bill for $7.72 with late fee of $2.50 from North Texas Tollway Au with original due date of November 28th, 2010. Check for $5.22 cleared bank through automatic processing on 11/18/2010. Letter is threatening to charge me $25.00 per transaction if not paid by 12/19//2010. This bill was already paid before their threatening letter was sent. When will some lawyer buck up and earn their keep and FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? This is a clear threat to charge for something they have no legal right to. Pissed off would be an understatement. This is the second time I have wasted numerous hours finding my proof of payment because they can't get their act together and have no oversight. Who voted for these yahoos to build tollways as apposed to a regular freeway? Sure as HELL wasn't me. I saw this same crap in Baltimore. Try and drive around their on the tollways that were going to go away after 10 years (35 years ago!). When will Texans get a clue? Make all tollways public freeways and quit having governing boards with no oversite who can do any damn thing they want. If any public official supports a tollway, VOTE THEM OUT – INCLUDING RICH PERRY!!

  18. Loren,

    I hope you can send a letter to Texas State Sen. Jane Nelson, who is collecting information for the 2011 session.

  19. David Spruiell says

    I got a bill from the NTTA for $8.56 on my son's car (which my wife has been using while he is in law school at the University of Chicago). I sent them a check for $9.56. I'm an older guy who wears glasses and obviously misread the bill. Instead of cashing the check and allowing a $1 credit they mailed the check back to me. I tried twice to contact them about this but never got an answer. Now they have turned this over to Southwest Collections and they called my son and said he owes $208.56. I never got a second bill from them, never heard back from them after sending them the check. This is an absolute outrage and I don't want to pay these scoundrels anything but the $8.56 that was owed. A late fee of $10 would be acceptable but not $200. I don't want to have a warrant issued against me but this is crazy and wreaks of abusive misuse of a public agency. I guess putting tax paying grandfathers in jail who pay their bills (in this case mistakenly overpaying) is OK. Please help!!!

  20. I am not a native Texan and I think the NTTA is ridiculous. I recieved invoices for around $7,000 about a year and half ago. Apparently my tag was not working properly. The biggest problem was that it took them so long for me to get the invoices, there were already late fees for each toll. I called them and got them reduced but this was ridiculous.

    Last week I received a zip cash invoice. Again, I have a tag, so why would receive this. I called and spoke with someone regarding my bill. I had them add this zip cash to my account and then I was told I had an outstanding invoice from 2009. I shocked, told them that is absurd. If so, why have I not heard of it before? I asked for a manager and then was hung up on. Called back and spoke to a manager and still got nowhere. Why can't they get their act together. I know why we use them. To cut costs. However, they have too much power and abuse it. I don't think that every toll is required to keep the roads maintained. It is just a money machine lining the pockets of the politicians.

    I will write to Nelson and hopefully we can do something about it.

  21. 2 years ago 2009, I missed an invoice and found out similar to some of you that I owed a HUGE amount of money for less than $20 in fines. I thought it was a joke. I talked to someone at NTTA and they told me if I'd sign up for a toll tag, they'd erase or reduce the amount (don't remember at this point). I know I paid something then, and ever since have had a toll tag. No problems. I called today to talk to them about something totally unrelated and they told me…"By the way…do you know that you owe over $500 from 2009?" I explained that I didn't and asked didn't it seem strange that 2 years later, this is the FIRST I've heard of it! She told me, thay maybe she "was the only one actually doing her job!" Ugh! She asked if I wanted to take care of it and I said, NO. So I wonder? Will it ever go away? Will I go to jail? Hmmmm.

    Why are they allowed to behave like this? Really strange!

  22. Now the NTTA is running threatening radio ads on popular highly rated stations like the Ticket- which in the #5 media market don't come cheap- tough guy comes on and says say if you don't pay your fines you'll end up in a real court in front of a real judge"

    So pay your tolls, proles, or they'll hit you with 20x what your bill is in "administrative fees", or they might do you a favor and bump it down to half that if you're lucky, either that or they'll make sure you end up in a real court and pay the tolls plus the fines plus court costs!

    Advertisements like this that are threatening are becoming more and more prevalent I've noticed, like the PA tax amnesty "Nice car Tom, nice house, Tom, what's not so nice is you owe Pennsylvania $4,212 in back taxes. Listen, Tom, we can make this easy. Pay online by June 18 and we'll skip your penalty and take half of your interest – because, Tom, we DO know who you are." I've heard a few just on the Ticket, ads encouraging people rat out their boss for software piracy and get a reward, rat out your neighbors for violating water restrictions etc., but NTTA runs the most of these types of spots on the Ticket, they've had several 1 minute ads and have sponsored stick it up your tailpipe traffic for months with poor Alexis having to read "pay your fines or else" every 15 minutes. Ads that aren't even trying to sell you a product or service but are just threatening in nature, pay us or else, or rat out your neighbors.

  23. The entire process is legally flawed. Being late on a payment is not a violation of any law. The NTTA does not send their bills by registered or certified mail, so they have no proof that you received them.

    I'm surprised that a group of ambitious lawyers hasven't already put together a class action suit to recover the $11 million that this agency has stolen from the public.

    As our forefathers did in Boston when they hosted the original teaparty, we citizens of this great country and residents of the greatest state have a civic responsibility to challenge unfair laws.

  24. Sean Bartlett says

    This is what our lovely state has become because people refuse to get evolved. Ive had multiple bouts with NTTA over the years. Once my fault, twice over a sold vehicle. Its sad that a private company can this kind of legal authority over us peasants. I hope that Rich Perry realizes his dirty doings with the NTTA cost him my vote. VOTE, its the key to freedom. I say we all stay off of the tollway and hit them right where it hurts the most. I know I moved out of North Texas all together and love it.

  25. I'm another "never received a bill" until yesterday when I received a pile of invoices going back a year and a half for $700+ due–IN FIVE DAYS. New to the area, there were no clear instructions on how your toll system works down here (poorly, apparently) so I've continued to take 121 to work, and any visitors we've had from out of state are also bewildered and frightened about not seeing any obvious way to pay the tolls. NTTA sits on my tolls for a year and a half then suddenly sticks me for the entire amount payable five days after it gets to my house. We're working folks w/ a baby on the way, who the !@#$% has that kind of money to fill their coffers in five days??? I would have been happy to pay when I drove through or gotten an invoice right away that mentioned the toll tag for reduced rate but now I learn the hard way at my great expense and their soaring profit.

    I've also learned I'm not the only who's noticed the very nicely equipped Chevy 3500 four-door dually pickups carrying only one worker at a time who hops out w/ a leaf blower to clear leaves and dust off the guard rails (seriously???) and there is very nice landscaping all along the toll roads–do we really need this??? They don't appear to be hurting for money that badly if a single guy w/ a leaf blower can drive a very nice four-door 1-ton dually pickup and they can artistically decorate their roads.

    This is grossly unfair and the public MUST have some sort of recourse against this blatant abuse.

  26. I'm also going through this right now. I recently moved back to Texas and started using the tollway. I had no problem paying the monthly bill that showed up. Well, somehow in the mix of things, I missed one bill for around $90. By time we noticed it, I called to pay it and was told it had already gone to collections. Then I get a letter from the collections company wanting over $800 (because of the "administrative fee") to pay it off. I told them I don't have that kind of money and they offered to do a $225 a month payment for four months to pay it off. I said fine and they said it would automatically be deducted each month. A month goes by and I notice that they don't take the $225 payment out. I call them back and am told the payment didn't come out because it was an NTTA account and the collections company can't do payment installments for NTTA accounts. My only option was to either pay it in full or they could accept a reduced payment of $513 to clear it up. Of course I don't have $513 either. I was in law enforcement for 16 years, I'm about tempted to just take the citations and challenge it in court. I understand they want their money and I accept the fact that I missed one $90 bill. I don't like their admin fees, but you know what, I'll pay it to get rid of this nonsense. What's BS is the fact that they (or the collections company they contract to) don't want to offer us any flexibility in taking care of the debt. They want their money? I'm willing to pay, but you have to work with me. I guess they don't want to work with people to get payment…..

  27. Here's an idea: Keep an actual person in the tollbooth. Sending a bill by taking a picture of a license plate, then charging exorbitant fees looks suspiciously like the plan they had all along. Houston doesn't do that. Sending a bill in the mail is ridiculous when you can just use change in your car at the very moment you use the toll road. Besides that, it gives somebody a job in this economy. This is a money-grabbing extortionist scam.

  28. So frustrated and not sure what to do but to pay…I have 3 kids and my husband is currently unemployed…we were not getting our bills then all of a sudden received a packet of them all. Unfortunately they have gone to a law firm for collections and they want 2600.00 that we don't have and they say we do not qualify to "settle" so now I am S O L and not sure what to do to fight this.

  29. Zacary Tuttle says

    Jeff is right!! I never had trouble paying the toll when a person was there, just stop and throw in some change. There is no doubt this is a modern stage coach robbery!!!
    We owe over 2,000 for a few missed tolls.


  30. Daniel T. Smith says

    This is the second time in as many years NTTA claims their bill was delivered to me. In each case I paid the late fee, but was astonished to see that if I hadn't paid the second invoice the bill would increase by a factor of five! No one can tell me it costs NTTA hundreds of dollars per customer to collect their tolls. Who or what is the enabling authority for these fees? The governor? What legislation enables them to do such economic damage with no actual proof that their bills are delivered as they say?

  31. I received a bill from NTTA in Oct 2011 – containing FOUR separate invoices for dates from May 2011 back thru October of 2009.. it was the first and ONLY invoice(s) I have received from them. Friday, I received a collections notice for $67… OK, I thought, so I contacted NTTA to find out what my balance was as NONE of my billing statements showed in their online system.
    Even though it took them almost TWO years to bill me (they had billing problems the rep stated), because I did not pay within 30 days (I have not received ANY subsequent bills) they tacked on a $6.90 fee, PER TRANSACTION. That too my $113 to OVER $720 !!!!! That's a FACTOR of almost SEVEN x !!

    This is OUTRAGEOUS…. and completely out of line. It took them TWO YEARS to bill me, but it's MY FAULT that I didn't pay the balance within 30 days ?????

  32. Someone in our legislature help us this is CRIMINAL!!! regardless of their fault or ours mistakes happen. how can you take care of your family when you have $2000 dollars in fees or face inprisonment???!!!! HELP US

  33. I need help! Over a year ago, the expiration date on my cc that is used for my toll tag expired. Granted I didn't realize this until a few months had passed. I called as soon as I figured this out. I updated my cc info in their system. They lowered everything down to what tolls were actually due, approximately $600-$750. I could not afford to pay this amount off in full so I made payments. I thought I had paid it all off. Fastforward to today, when I received another "Zip Cash" invoice. I immediately called to update the expiration date, again. They did and then told me I had outstanding balance of $3,000. I told the person, NO WAY. Finally, talked on the phone to a Supervisor who was very nice and as helpful as she could be. She was able to lower the amount from $3,000 to $1,117. I asked her how much of that was actual toll charges. She said $180. I told her there was no way I would have paid off $550 worth of fees to leave $180. She said that was the best they could do, that they are now DPS Violations and if the DPS office chooses to pull my citations, then I will get a ticket. I can't believe they are allowed to charge such high fees for $180 worth of actual tolls. Please note I still use my toll tag and have not been an issue. Please help, who can afford this? If I can't paid $1,117, how can I also pay a citation? PLEASE HELP US! THIS IS NOT FAIR! I will pay the $180 in actual toll fees. I don't even mind paying a fee for this being outstanding, but 6 times what I actually owe seems excessive and ridiculous.

  34. Also, in addition to my above story, if my cc tied to my toll tag hadn't expired again, and if I hadn't received a zip cash invoice for $8, which is what is owed from this last cc expiring, I would not have known I still had the $180 outstanding from over a year ago. It seems to me they want their balances to go outstanding and not communicate with people in order to assess huge fines. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  35. Greg Walker says

    I bought my wife a new truck last August, since the toll tags are now sticky backed instead of velcro I contacted the NTTA and they said to contact them when the permanent tags came in and the charges to the paper tags would be added to the new tag they would send then. When the tags came in she contacted them and paid an invoice and was told that was all they showed owed. Then in february apparently 4 more invoices were released totaling almost 200 dollars from the same time period as the one she paid, 4 Months later! we did not recieve these, they were apparently tied to me because the truck was registered in my name not hers even after we had told them to tie the charges to the new plate. So after argueing with the collection agency, and a supervisor at NTTA it appears we have to pay a $1000 to clear this, although we were proactive in the beginning and tried to stay on top of it to avoid this very problem. I was more than willing to pay the initial charges, and felt they should take the blame for not presenting all the invoices when my wife offered to pay them in Nov. or when they did come up see that charges to that vehicle should be charged to her account as per her instruction. NTTA has a sweet little scam going and charging fees that make credit card interest look like a bargain. Unbelievable that this is allowed to take place on roads that we have probably paid for 10 times over. And what ever happened to certified mail, if I'm going to have a leg to stand on if someone owes me money I have to send it certified so i have proof of reciept, if your going to make someone pay thousands in trumped up fees shouldn't you have to prove they even recieved the damn letter like anyone else!

  36. I have an issue with these crooks too. I received a bill yesterday, expecting it for a Zip cash trip to Frisco from Downtown Dallas. However they tacked on $2.84 worth of tolls from two other dates. Dates I have proof that I was no where near the tollway. They refuse to acknowledge they made a mistake. The huge problem to me is – the tolls were received on 1/7/2011 and 10/22/2011. That is 1-1/2 years and 8 months after the fact. Since I rarely get on this scam highway, they wait until I have a total of 5 transactions (their rule now) rather than sending a bill right away. Of course it is harder to prove that long ago. Lucky for me I have time sheets on the Jan date. That is a legal document. They still wanted to argue. Said someone else had to be driving my car. Yeah, right. No one but me drives my car. It was in the parking lot at work. But they are so stuck on themselves, they can not admit that errors can be made. I have put in a complaint to the fraud dept. I told them this is fraud because they are charging me for something that isn't mine. I also am writing an email to a John Bannerman to see if he might help. (This was the next step up in the chain they were willing to give me.) I am also planning to write this senator lady. More fuel she has the better it will be to fight. This is ridiculous. I am telling them I am paying the money I owe, but not the other. They have you over a barrel. If they can consider an unpaid toll a citation and throw you in jail for it, there is no way to resist these crooks. Man, what a crock. How do these people sleep at night?> Don't they know they have to answer to God someday for being a crook!!???

  37. I have been pondering this outrageous crock for some time now being that I am also a victim of the NTTA. Through some researching I have learned some interesting facts about their collection practices. Although mostly regarding banks, it is clear that the NTTA participates in UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES. The toll tag signs that advertise the price of the tolls are illusory due to the fees and costs imposed. THAT'S UNFAIR. The fact that using a tollway with ONLY knowledge of the toll amount due on the sign is considered Omitting terms and conditions. THAT'S DECEPTIVE. The fact that the fines are innappropriate for some drivers given level of sophistication, understanding or financial status also makes the NTTA ABUSIVE. Knowing these fees upfront gives us the option to make better decisions on road use. They are deceptive because they took away the right to that decision by not giving us the knowledge of their irate fees. By the way people, the reason they're willing to take off some fees if you pay by a certain date is because they know it is in violation of a law that says you CANNOT IMPOSE FEES UP ON FEES. Lack of consumer understanding of material risks, costs or conditions due to the omission of terms and conditions? VERY ABUSIVE PRACTICE. My question, what lawyer has the guts to stand for all Texans, Native and new to STOP the illegal collection activity that lands some in jail for a non existent crime.

  38. I have the same issue as all of you, The only difference is I am number 2013 on the list of all time no paying tollway criminals….Yesterday I recieved a letter and a citation from the TX DPS for failure to pay a toll.. It tells me to contact the JP COurt in Collin County or be subject to warrant and arrest. It then tells me to first contact the NTTA and pay all my tols before I contact the court. WHAT??? So as long as I pay the Texas MAfia their money, I wont be charged with a crime?
    Anyway, Im so done with these people and Im at my wits end. Today I contacted Attorney Jeff Beltz(DALLAS). Foe 250.00 Retainer, he will have criminal charge dropped and make the NTTA settlemy account for only the Tolls I owe, NOT the rediculous 27k They claim I owe.
    He was Very kind and VERY confident. He has ten years Exp. dealing with the TX Tollway Mafia. He really made my day and made me feel alot better. I will still have to pay a bunch of money to NTTA but, not nearly as much as they want, and no criminal charges.. geez… Im a criminal…! If you need help call him…866-921-3684. Ill keep you all posted on this matter. Good luck to all of you, and REMEMBER, You are not alone!!!