Part 1: Watchdog’s 2017 Legislative Agenda – Insurance, privacy, electricity shopping, property tax reform

I love the Texas Legislature. You don’t hear those words very often. But ever since I visited for the first time, in 1995, and watched then-Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock work his magic over everyone, I see the lege for the good it does. Who says that these days? #txlege — and that’s actually the official […]

Part 2: Watchdog: Attention state lawmakers – the case for a roofers/contractors license

The other week, I went to small claims court to watch a DeSoto business owner exact revenge on a roofer who relieved him of a $7,700 deposit but provided no roof. The roofer, Lucas Ray Currier, took the deposit money and disappeared. This story makes me sick. The victim is Bong Huynh, a Vietnamese-American who […]

Guide to Saving on Your Electricity Bill

For Texas readers: Want to save hundreds of dollars a year? When it comes to making your family’s decision about which electricity power company to choose, you have to be your own watchdog. Before your current electricity contract expires, you will have to make major decisions: Will you stay with your current company or switch to an unknown? Should you extend the contract for a year, a half-year, three months or go month-to-month? What about a fixed rate versus a variable rate? Here’s Watchdog Nation’s gift to you – The 2012 Guide to Picking the Best Electricity Provider.

A surprising day at the Texas Legislature

I covered my first political race for a daily newspaper in 1975. Bully Mayor Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia won reelection. Since then I’ve covered zoning boards, city councils, legislatures in several states and even events at the White House. But I saw something today that I’ve never seen before. And it wasn’t pretty. Let’s start […]

Now is the time, if ever, to stop excessive billing practices by the North Texas Tollway Authority

Two North Texas Tollway Authority customers say they tried to pay their bills, but the NTTA sent them to collection agencies anyway

At Texas Legislature, clouds roll in during Sunshine Week

When it comes to making public records available, Texans do have something to celebrate this Sunshine Week, which ends Saturday. A recent survey by several journalism organizations examined how good a job all 50 states do of making records available on the Internet. Texas received a perfect score, the only state to do so. Cue The Watchdog’s applause! But The Watchdog can’t celebrate after examining some bills filed at the Legislature.