What Readers Say

“Watchdog Nation upholds the humoristic and humanistic tradition of Will Rogers.” – Edward Peeks, the Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette

“A major aim of `The Watchdog’ column — and another reason why it’s different from many consumer features — is that it seeks to end patterns of abuse in addition to solving a particular person’s predicament.” – David Astor, Editor & Publisher magazine

“As Southwest Area Vice President of the U.S. Postal Service, I oversee mail service and the nearly 70,000 postal employees of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Mr. Lieber’s column helped us focus our efforts in serving our customers. His approach is fair and balanced, and we appreciate it. His dedication to our customers, his readers, is admirable.” – Ellis A. Burgoyne

“Dave Lieber’s work reminds me of a time when newspapers actually investigated, asked tough questions and then reported. Give him a raise!” – Dean Dameron

“You’re my favorite part of the Star-Telegram. The satisfaction you get in helping the average citizen get justice from the government and corporate world is obvious. Yours is the first place I turn to in the S-T when I know your column is appearing that day.” – Dr. Jack Raskopf, journalism professor, Texas Christian University

“Used some of your Watchdog Nation techniques this morning dealing with my health insurance company. The problem was fixed in about 8 minutes! Thanks again.” – James L. Hutchsion, financial advisor, Fort Worth, Texas

“I enjoyed your book and found it both entertaining and informational. I don’t recall using as many small adhesive ‘post-its’ in a book since college. It’s as much a reference book as any other in my library.” – Bob Pelletier, Kennebunk, Maine

“It’s nice to know you might be the court of last hope!” – Wendy Helm

“Dave Lieber, writer and detective for the Star-Telegram, did a superb job in putting me in touch with a real person in the United State. I got the run-around for three months with no end in sight from a ‘foreign’ representative.” – Charles Hackney, Arlington, Texas

“You helped us save $78 in just one week. In reading your book, Watchdog Nation, you mentioned a number of companies the we have done business or contact with and wish we had your book earlier! Keep up the GREAT work!” – Bonnie Williams, Arlington, Texas

“It is the total apathy of people that allows those with power to get the upper-hand. Far too many people either give up or never even start the fight in the first place. Keep working for the people, Dave. Some of us need all the help we can get. Thanks to The Watchdog for your efforts in fighting the wrongs and encouraging the rest of us to never lose the passion to fight.” – Ruth Ann McCullough

“Dave Lieber goes the extra mile to assist with consumer grievances and generally solves the problem with his savvy diplomacy.” – Dee Cantrell

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your amusing stories. The points you made were terrific! Your name continues to come up in conversation. We enjoyed your entertaining style and think you are a fantastic speaker!” – Sandi Silva, International Virtual Assistants Association

“You’d be the last person I want to hear from if I owned a business bilking my customers.” – Willy Webb

“There is a reason Lieber is among the most beloved columnists in the Metroplex. He tells a great story while informing people of a better way to conduct themselves.” – Rick Blair

“You’re like Batman. You show up in unlikely places to right wrongs and expose the bad guys. I love it!” – Scott Bradley, former mayor, Westlake, Texas