Watchdog Nation Changes Lives: Two People Who Learned to Fight Back

Watchdog Nation is changing the way people protect themselves.

Watchdog Nation sets you up for the rest of your life. With simple steps that take only a second and are free, you can know that you are making the right decisions.

Terry Martin of Euless, Texas writes to Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber:

“I know you must get dozens of letters each day in regards to the big corporate  companies and their incompetence. I have read your book, Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation. And the one thing that struck a nerve with me is: never give up. The stories in your book had so much common sense, and I admired the way you helped the victims find a fair and ethical way or relief from all of their problems.

“Dave, your book inspired me to fight AT&T. I never gave up. It was a long and tedious fight, but I feel I won the battle. Thank you again for all the help and inspiration you gave me. Sincerely, A Huge Fan, Terry Martin.”

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Tim Durkin writes to Watchdog Nation:

“I just finished listening to your multi-CD audio book of Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation, just in time to learn how to handle an emergency where I live, thank goodness.

“My next door neighbor rang my bell at midnight. She told me the glass on her front door was shattered and the wood was splintered. She worried that someone had broken into her house.  We called the police.

“The robbers had torn off her electric meter to disable any alarm, and then kicked in her door and helped themselves to everything they wanted. They did this in broad daylight.

“Because I had finished the Watchdog Nation audio book and was enjoying my new honorary citizenship, I knew what to do. I immediately began an Internet search to find the strongest deadbolts and locksets. I kept reading until I found a video for Strikemaster Pro II which affords steel protection to any door frame, which is the weakest part of a door. I was amazed when I placed and order and the owner of the company called.

“Ed Anderson is passionate about trying to keep the bad guys out of your house. Anyone who has been robbed will tell you that losing their possessions is one thing but losing their piece of mind is really the bigger thing.

“I installed my Strikemaster in about 10 minutes. And when I told Ed about my neighbor and how she lost her family photos in the burglary, he asked if it would be OK if he sent my neighbor a free Strikemaster.

“My point is that your Watchdog Nation inspired me to quickly search for the  best and most inexpensive solution to solve my problem and my neighbor’s. I buy into it. It works. I can’t wait until the next problem. OK, not really. Best wishes, Tim Durkin.”

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