A short video of the Texas Recycling Police

If you live in a cash-strapped city as I do then you know that municipalities are hurting for every dollar. In my city, employees have facedĀ  unpaid furloughs, extensive layoffs and city reorganization designed to save tax dollars.

Except here’s one agency that isn’t feeling the effects of cutbacks.

The Recycling Police!

That’s why Watchdog Nation finds it interesting that in our home city, Fort Worth, Texas, it takes three — count ’em 3 — city employees to check your recycling bin to make sure it doesn’t have trash in it.

We watched as three members of the Recycling Police went through our neighborhood today.

One was the driver, and the other two hit both sides of the street.

When I asked why, they said someone in the neighborhood had contaminated the stream, meaning somebody along the route was ruining the recycling collected by putting in ILLEGAL GARBAGE. OMG.

Here in this video is what it looks like if the Recycling Police come to your house and check your bin and, lucky for you, you pass this most intrusive inspection.

Watch video here.

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  1. On this, I have to agree with Fort Worth. If I and my neighbors put out recycling with every intent to do it right, it's disappointed to learn that one party on the block can foul the whole load so all of it has to be discarded. That individual either needs to learn the mistake they're making and correct it, or be eliminated from the program and pay the penalty of a higher garbage charge.

    In my humble opinion!