Latest on The Watchdog’s #shameATT campaign. An ethics award, then a few hours later, embarrassed in the Michael Cohen money mess

AT&T won an ethics award. I know! I look at that sentence, and even though The Watchdog witnessed this with my own eyes the other day, it still unnerves me. AT&T winning an ethics award is like Jerry Jones winning an award for Best General Manager. (Note: This story first appeared in The Dallas Morning […]

A waitress who defeated an auto dealer in court gets the surprise of a lifetime, thanks to readers

When my wife and I picked up Christal Scott at her Dallas restaurant at the end of her waitress shift (her planned ride canceled because of bad weather), she was bitter about humanity. With good reason. She’d been without a car since July because of her duel with 1and2 Automotive in northwest Dallas. Her car […]

Part 1: For 2011, protect yourself by following these do’s and don’ts

Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Dave Lieber, founder of Watchdog Nation, is determined to show Americans how to protect themselves from wrongdoing. Here are lessons he learned in 2010 that will make your 2011 a safer year for you, your family and your business.

Watchdog Nation thanks Fort Worth Weekly readers for naming us Best Watchdog!

A big thank you to readers of Fort Worth Weekly for picking Dave Lieber, the Star-Telegram’s Watchdog columnist as BEST WATCHDOG.

America loses Watchdog columnist

George Gombossy, the hard-charging Watchdog columnist for the Hartford Courant, was fired last week because, he says, of a dispute with his editors about covering negative stories about top advertisers. His career at the paper had lasted 40 years. “It was the people’s Watchdog column,” he says. “It wasn’t George Gombossy that got fired. It was the readers that got fired.”