Dallas Book Diva APPROVES!

Nothing better than when the legendary Dallas Book Diva approves of your book! Cheryl Nason likes Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation. She posted:

Cheryl Nason, the Dallas Book Diva

This deceptively small book is absolutely packed with information. I mentally sat up and began to really pay attention when I started reading the story on page 18 (When they come knocking, you go tappin’).

The story describes a situation that happened to Doug Black and it actually happened to me as well! Doug is a much more savvy person than I am and avoided having his money taken. I guess I still cling to the belief that people might just be who they say they are. I was taken in by the same scam that Doug was smart enough to avoid and I didn’t even realize it until I read Dave’s book!

The average person has access to enough tools via the Internet to “take on” scammers, utility companies, and businesses when we believe we have been taken advantage of, overcharged, or wronged in some way. The book gives all of us the information we need to protect ourselves. The book contains literally hundreds of ways you can do it.

I feel better just having a copy of this handy book. It has given me so many ideas, it’s actually priceless! What do you think?