The Watchdog: In the world of Texas electricity, free is not always free

TXU Free Weekends promises free electricity for 48 hours beginning at midnight Friday. But during the week, expect to pay 19 cents per kwh. Holy moly! It’s free, The Watchdog says, but it’s expensive when it’s not. Can a company say something is free when it’s not? Can a company put the word free in […]

Texas serviceman battles TXU before he leaves for war

American military members are complaining that companies and utilities are inaccurately ruining their credit ratings which, in turn, can cost them the top-secret military clearance they need to do their jobs. Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber looks at this.

How to fight your electric bill

A major Texas electricity retailers struggles with its customer service. Will moving workers closer to home help its customers get what they want, which is simply to be understood and have their problems solved?

Here’s the latest on electricity smart meters

The installation of smart meters to measure electricity usage continues to cause anxiety. Here’s the latest from Watchdog Nation founder and Star-Telegram columnist Dave Lieber on continuing developments.

Are your Texas electricity bills too high? Here’s a solution…

Cold weather has driven up electricity bills for Texas customers. But Watchdog Nation finds that many don’t realize they can saving lots of money if they shop around for a better deal. Watchdog Nation shows you how.

Do electricity regulators really regulate?

Watchdog Nation had a theory: Some electricity companies, despite horrendous customer service, are getting away with it. But is the theory true?

Based on the hundreds of letters we receive each year at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram from people complaining about their electricity bills, we wondered what happened to the thousands of complaints about electricity companies that go to the Public Utility Commission of Texas each year.

Do the companies get penalized?