VIDEO: Watchdog Nation visits Southlake Library on Oct. 27, 2011

In this fun James Bond-spoof, Star-Telegram Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber – founder of Watchdog Nation – invites the public to a free public workshop at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011 at Southlake Public Library, 1400 Main Street. Fight back and win against the scoundrels. Learn how to save time, money and aggravation for the rest of your life! sponsors Elvis concert for children’s charity

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber also created Summer Santa, one of North Texas’ largest children’s charities. Watchdog Nation is sponsoring, along with others, the Nov. 14, 2010 Elvis concert benefit at Grapevine’s Palace Theatre. Watchdog Nation loves Summer Santa because Summer Santa is all-volunteer with next to no overhead Money donated to the charity goes to support the many children’s programs.

Police officer can’t get records he wants despite Texas open records law

A Fort Worth police officer, fearing that a fellow officer was unfairly kicked off the police force, tries to learn what he can by asking for e-mails and computer messages sent by a sergeant he fears is behind the retaliatory dismissal. The officer applies under the Texas Public Information Act, as is everyone’s right. But he gets stonewalled by the city. He wants to fight back.

Smart meters become urban legends

Hear the latest about the president’s birthplace? Or the one about Bill Gates wanting to send you money? Hey, urban legends should be called “everywhere legends” because they aren’t urban anymore. The latest? The installation of a “smart meter” means your electric bill jumps. Only, maybe it’s true. We don’t know yet.

In Texas, I’m worried about open government

In Texas, I’m worried about open government. Here’s why: It took a 96-year-old woman to blow the whistle on backroom politics when she resigned as the oldest elected official in the state. But former Newark City Councilwoman Lucille Drain’s comments about secret dealings that violate the state open meetings law comes at a time when a cabal of government officials are throwing their weight behind a lawsuit and maybe even a new law that would remove criminal penalties from violators of the “People’s Act.”