Watchdog Nation Series on Texas Public Schools

Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation plunged into the debate about Texas independent school districts with a series of riveting stories. Catch up on all the education stories here.

These stories originally appeared in The Dallas Morning News Watchdog column.

Here’s a look at modern school life through the eyes of two students (2020)

A through F grading system for Texas public schools is one more way to stigmatize poor neighborhoods

Watchdog: Grading schools? Not if school districts can help it

How a school district uses its power to tilt a tax-increase election in its favor

State lawmaker says Texas school board members get ‘indoctrination’ into groupthink culture

Dishonor roll: Former FBI agent turned Texas public school investigator sees corruption up close

Watchdog: Texas school boards team up against change

Watchdog: Crying poverty from inside Frisco ISD’s Grand Palace

Watchdog: Superintendent shows how school districts crush critics





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