The Watchdog: How much do you know about protecting seniors?

Think about Grandma or Grandpa. Or your elderly dad or mom. Or maybe even you, getting older. Do you know the rights of older Texans? Do you know ways to protect them? Let’s take The Watchdog’s Elder Care Knowledge Quiz. 1. When a senior has a problem, a quick and reliable way to find professionals who […]

Oldest citizen of Watchdog Nation passes away

Watchdog Nation takes a moment to remember our great friend, Ruth Wingfield, the oldest citizen of Watchdog Nation. She died at age 101, shouting to the end into the telephone at abusive customer service people, “WHO IS YOUR REGULATOR? I’M GOING TO REPORT YOU.” Just as we taught her.

Protect your elderly parents from financial exploitation

More Americans are taking care of their elderly parents than ever before. Along with all the hard work that entails, these caretakers are finding that their parents are constant targets for scammers and thieves who want to steal their money. Here’s the story of one daughter who won’t take it.

Watchdog Nation’s oldest citizen celebrates her 100th birthday

The oldest citizen of Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation is Ruth Wingfield, who turned 100. She met Dave a couple of years ago when she wrote her monthly check to Cigna, her health insurance company, for $4.80, but she put the decimal point in the wrong place. The check was for $480. Cigna, at first, refused to quickly return the money. She’s suspicious of folks, and maybe that’s why she’s lived to 100!

Fighting financial exploitation of elderly

Turns out there’s a medical reason why 1 out of 5 Americans say they have been the victim of financial investment fraud. Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine say that older adults, due to changes in their cognitive reasoning, are more likely to take risks. Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation examines this latest medical development in elder investment fraud and financial exploitation.

Meet Bob. Ole stubborn Bob. No food stamps. Lots of pride.

Bob doesn’t want any help. Stubborn old guy. After I wrote about him in the Aug. 14, 2009 Watchdog column in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, I received calls and e-mails from several dozen people who want to give him food and money. Bob said no. Unlike everybody else who contacts The Watchdog, Bob of Fort Worth doesn’t want my help. He only wants everyone to understand the horrible state of Texas’ food stamp program.