Watchdog Nation Changes Lives: Two People Who Learned to Fight Back

Meet two people who say Watchdog Nation has changed their lives. Watchdog Nation sets you up to protect yourself, your family and your business for the rest of your life. Save time, money and aggravation. Stand up for your rights and know how to gain the upper hand.

Watchdog Nation book named “one of top 10 consumer books of 2009”

Many thanks to Rita Robison for naming Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation as one of the top 10 consumer books in 2009. Just in time for the new revised and expanded 2010 edition which goes on sale today.

The Eight Ways I Was Scammed in 2009

Watchdog newspaper columnist Dave Lieber: “I’ve been victimized eight times this year with annoying stuff that takes time to sort out. It doesn’t have to do with me being greedy. It’s about the inefficiencies, poor customer service and culture of greed that swirls around us.”

Dallas Book Diva APPROVES!

“This deceptively small book is absolutely packed with information.” — Cheryl Nason, the Dallas Book Diva