AUDIO: Watchdog Nation Confronts “Inspector Luigi” The Scammer

Watchdog Nation founder and Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Dave Lieber confronts a scammer who preys on elderly Americans. “Inspector Luigi” of U.S. Customs at Miami International Airport contacts an elderly man — who has fallen for dozens of frauds and lost thousands of dollars — with a lottery scam. Lieber turns the tables on Inspector Luigi. Listen to the fraud on audio files at to hear this scammer. Consumer protection starts here.

The Watchdog: The terrible life and death of a Dallas-Fort Worth con man

I always think it’s easier in today’s digitized, easy-to-hide society for a confidence man — or con man — to make more money as a crook than as an honest man. Victims are easy to find. The chance of getting caught and punished is slim. But now the lonely death of North Texas con man […]

When it comes to investing, don’t be trusting

A woman is haunted a decade later after losing $50,000 in a swindle perpetrated by a kindly grandfather. As Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber tells it, all she had to do was investigate his background with one call to state regulators before giving him money.

Victim or scammer? A tale of a fake check and an honored ex-offender

DeSoto, Texas — The man wanted a job, and a check arrived in the mail offering him one as a mystery shopper. Gullible enough, he didn’t realize he was about to become victim to the classic scam. He took the check to a Wells Fargo bank to cash so he could wire some of the money to the con man. Dumb, yeah. But it gets worse. The bank teller called the cops. He was arrested and indicted for check forgery. The soon-to-be-scammed gets arrested. With his background as a murdering gangster, eyes turn now to see what happens to Randolph Shaheed, who had rehabilitated himself into one of Texas’ most honored ex-offenders.