Five Bills Designed to Make Texas Consumer-Friendly

Make shopping for electricity fairer for Texans. Force roofers to get a state license. Stop charging extra for people who pay with debit and credit cards. Verify that fingerprinting all Texans for driver’s licenses is legal. Protect auto insurance customers who ask questions about their policies. These are the five dream bills offered up by […]

How to fight your electric bill

A major Texas electricity retailers struggles with its customer service. Will moving workers closer to home help its customers get what they want, which is simply to be understood and have their problems solved?

Behind the scenes at a troubled Texas electric company

The story on the lawsuit involving Amigo Energy of Houston’s former CEO against the current CEO, the lawsuit alleges, “involves the greed and corruption of certain individuals and legal entities that led to blatant and knowingly illegal efforts to collect improper rates from Texas retail electricity consumers.”