The Watchdog: Don’t be fooled by Acxiom’s data release

An Arkansas company that collects information about us and then resells it to banks, retailers, insurance companies and others for a billion dollars a year in sales almost pulled a fast one on The Watchdog. I was excited about the release of personal data by Acxiom on its free new website. I couldn’t wait to […]

The Watchdog: Secret scores supposedly reveal who consumers are

You probably know the score of the latest game for your favorite baseball team. You may know your credit score. But you probably don’t know about other secret scores that companies keep on you. They are your consumer scores, sometimes called e-scores or predictive scores. Hundreds of them exist, but they’re hidden from view. Trade […]

Learn about data breaches to protect yourself

Pay attention to your Facebook privacy settings

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber urges everyone on Facebook to pay sharp attention to their privacy settings. Here’s an easy overview on the subject and some easy ways to make sure your privacy settings are what you want them to be.