If 2011 is any indication, 2012 will be worst year for the post office

If anecdotal evidence for one postal customer is any guide, 2012 is going to be a terrible year for the U.S. Postal Service, which continues to fall apart. What kind of anecdotal evidence? Stolen mail. Mail returned to sender when it was properly addressed. Torn mail. And Priority Mail not making the 2-day delivery promise. Is the worse yet to come? Seems so.

Fort Worth is No. 1 in thefts from blue outdoor postal collection boxes

Fort Worth has a reputation for rodeos, art and friendly people. Today, sadly, Watchdog Nation gives Fort Worth another title. And it hurts because Watchdog Nation is headquartered there. Cowtown is the No. 1 city in America for thefts from blue outdoor postal collection boxes. Texas is the top state for such thefts. That news […]

Watchdog Nation tracks outdoor mailbox thefts in North Texas

As the holidays approach, Watchdog Nation reminds everyone not to use the big blue mailboxes outside U.S. post offices. They are too easy to steal from. Our investigation has revealed more than 60 such thefts in the past year in North Texas. Authorities do not disclose these incidents in which thieves are seeking gift cards, cash and checks. We got our information through the federal Freedom of Information Act.

Watchdog Nation Alert: Don’t use the outdoor mailboxes at post offices anymore

Don’t use outdoor mailboxes at post offices anymore. Here’s why: Tipped about a break-in, I visited the post office and spoke with the station manager. “I got a call about the break-in Sunday,” I said. “It was not a break-in,” he said. “What was it?” I asked. “It was taken in for maintenance.” I pulled out my camera and showed him a photo, taken minutes before, of what looked like crowbar marks. Also offered to show him the police report. He referred me to a higher-up, who told me she could not comment.