A Texas Department of Insurance Cover-up

Until September 2011, the Texas Department of Insurance publicly released the names of insurance companies and agents who violated state rules. Then the practice stopped. After an expose appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber, the policy was reversed and open government returned. Now State Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, cites this episode as one of the reasons she wants Gov. Rick Perry to remove Texas Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kirtzman from office.

A Texas appraisal district breaks open meetings law

Watchdog Nation EXCLUSIVE: The appraisal district for one of America’s fasted growing communities admits it unknowingly broke the law for a year requiring open meeting notifications.

Fort Worth City Hall lawyer loses job over open records failure

A City Hall lawyer who failed to adequately fulfill an open records request by Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber gets “separated” from his job four days apologizing.

Texas Opens Meetings Law challenge could go to U.S. Supreme Court

Texas government officials are challenging the state’s open meetings law, saying they feel repressed in their free speech. They could go to jail, they fret. But nobody ever has. It’s topsy-turvy. It’s one more attack on open government. It’s Texas.

Police officer can’t get records he wants despite Texas open records law

A Fort Worth police officer, fearing that a fellow officer was unfairly kicked off the police force, tries to learn what he can by asking for e-mails and computer messages sent by a sergeant he fears is behind the retaliatory dismissal. The officer applies under the Texas Public Information Act, as is everyone’s right. But he gets stonewalled by the city. He wants to fight back.