Guide to Saving on Your Electricity Bill

For Texas readers: Want to save hundreds of dollars a year? When it comes to making your family’s decision about which electricity power company to choose, you have to be your own watchdog. Before your current electricity contract expires, you will have to make major decisions: Will you stay with your current company or switch to an unknown? Should you extend the contract for a year, a half-year, three months or go month-to-month? What about a fixed rate versus a variable rate? Here’s Watchdog Nation’s gift to you – The 2012 Guide to Picking the Best Electricity Provider.

When your power company acts like the Three Stooges

Power companies swear that a smart meter installation takes seconds and causes a momentary blink of power loss. Here’s a story from Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber about a Texas family who doesn’t believe that.

How a petition shows an electric company who’s the boss

Some neighborhoods are beset with constant blackouts. They complain to the company, but it’s never fixed. Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber shows how one neighborhood fixed their problem, more than 40 years in the making.

How to fight your electric bill

A major Texas electricity retailers struggles with its customer service. Will moving workers closer to home help its customers get what they want, which is simply to be understood and have their problems solved?

Texas changes rules for electricity disconnections for ill customers

Beginning January 1, 2011, Texas has changed state rules for how electricity companies can disconnect ill people. There’s a new class of people protected for those with “chronic conditions” that will be harmed by loss of power.

Fake authors use deception to lure investors

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber reports that a scary new survey shows that 1 out of 5 older adults have been victimized by deception of some kind when investing their life savings. Here’s one shady example of how it happens: some Texas agents pretended they wrote a book on truth in investments. Only they didn’t write it. They just put their names on the cover.

Here’s the latest on electricity smart meters

The installation of smart meters to measure electricity usage continues to cause anxiety. Here’s the latest from Watchdog Nation founder and Star-Telegram columnist Dave Lieber on continuing developments.

How to protect your home from electricity surges

A few years ago, the only way to protect your electronics from electricity surges coming into your home was with a collection of surge protectors for all of the important outlets. Now, though, a new product has entered the market called a whole house surge protector. It connects to your main line and prevents a surge from entering at the electrical front doorway. Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber shows how a few hundred dollars can save thousands.

Smart meters become urban legends

Hear the latest about the president’s birthplace? Or the one about Bill Gates wanting to send you money? Hey, urban legends should be called “everywhere legends” because they aren’t urban anymore. The latest? The installation of a “smart meter” means your electric bill jumps. Only, maybe it’s true. We don’t know yet.

When your electric company doesn’t tell you what’s happening

Does it make sense to you that an electric company that provides power for a good portion of Texas can’t bother to place information on its Web site about power outages? That immediate information would benefit residential and business owners and help the news media do its job. But nooooo.