Honoring the late great Betty Brink of Fort Worth Weekly

Thank you Fort Worth Weekly for printing my letter to the editor about Betty Brink, a legendary reporter who passed away recently at age 80.

How to survive 20 years as a Texas newspaperman without voodoo

   Forget the awards and the thousands of columns I wrote and all the people I met and helped — and who helped me. Looking back on 20 years as a columnist at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram — a career that ended with a layoff last week — I’m proudest of the little box.   The […]

Training the next generation of storytellers

The next time you hear it said that today’s kids aren’t that sharp, can’t read and write, don’t want to help their community, think of the young student journalists on The Black Cow, the student newspaper at Westlake Academy. The school is a free, open-enrollment public charter school with an International Baccalaureate program in grades K-12. It’s a unique experiment in American public school education. As this story in Editor & Publisher shows, the passion for journalism exists in youngsters not yet old enough to drive.

America loses Watchdog columnist

George Gombossy, the hard-charging Watchdog columnist for the Hartford Courant, was fired last week because, he says, of a dispute with his editors about covering negative stories about top advertisers. His career at the paper had lasted 40 years. “It was the people’s Watchdog column,” he says. “It wasn’t George Gombossy that got fired. It was the readers that got fired.”