Learn about data breaches to protect yourself

Watchdog Nation reveals New Mexico crime ring preying on Texas senior citizens

A New Mexican identity theft crime ring steals its information from an unlikely source. Millions of Social Security numbers, birth dates and other personal information are culled from Tarrant County, Texas court records. There are many victims. Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation reveals it all.

Pharmacy staffers seeking your personal info put you at ID theft risk

Here’s a pet peeve of Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation: people who talk too loudly when sharing their personal information, especially with pharmacy staffers. It’s an easy way to get your identity stolen.

Governments are cause of half the records lost in data breaches this year

Millions of private confidential records of Americans have been lost this year. Half of those records were lost by governments. Here’s a story of a woman who fought back, as told by Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber.

Open Letter to the U.S. Chief Postal Inspector

Tired of no one taking an interest in the fact that his hometown, Fort Worth, Texas, leads the nation in theft from blue postal collection boxes outside post offices, Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber goes direct to the top: An Open Letter to the U.S. Chief Postal Inspector.

How to protect yourself from mailbox theft

Do mailbox break-ins occur at your local post office? You might never know. The crimes are largely unreported. It takes a U.S. Freedom of Information Act request to learn what is going on. Here’s how to do it.

Free Document Destruction Leaves Watchdog Nation Founder Happy

Dave Lieber, founder of Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation, accumulated more than 100 pounds of paper that needed to be shredded. Three years worth! But he was waiting for a free shred day somewhere because Watchdog Nation is all about protecting yourself and your family for free and in seconds

If your ID theft protection deceives you, who’s left to trust?

LifeLock was too good to be true. According to a settlement with 35 states and the Federal Trade Commission, the company “unlawfully exaggerated” its strengths when it comes to protecting its customers. In other words, it promised to do things it doesn’t actually do.

On Facebook, your friends could be your enemies

On Facebook, which last week bragged about its 300th million user and first-time profitability, you have “Friends.” You don’t have “Enemies.” Or do you? WatchdogNation.com wants everyone to learn some new Facebook terms that don’t necessarily show up in the company’s amazing corporate history. Compromised account. Account takeover. Account hijack.

My identity disappears … again

Like many of you, The Watchdog recently shopped for lower credit card rates. But I ran into an unexpected problem. I got rejected for a new credit card. Not because of my credit score. Instead, I was rejected because I hadn’t bought anything on credit since 2003. Only that’s not true.