Watchdog Nation celebrates 3 new consumer laws

Amazing! You did it! Watchdog Nation celebrates the passage of three new laws aimed at helping Texans protect their pocketbooks and their privacy. As readers of the Dave Lieber Dallas Morning News Watchdog column know,┬áThe Watchdog asked for your help to push state lawmakers into solving five of the most annoying consumer problems in Texas. […]

How a petition shows an electric company who’s the boss

Some neighborhoods are beset with constant blackouts. They complain to the company, but it’s never fixed. Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber shows how one neighborhood fixed their problem, more than 40 years in the making.

Meet the dog that hates smart meter installers

As smart meters make their way across America, installers climbing over fences are angering homeowners and their dogs. The dogs sometimes bite them. The homeowners wish they could. Here’s a story about one dog in Texas.

When your electric company doesn’t tell you what’s happening

Does it make sense to you that an electric company that provides power for a good portion of Texas can’t bother to place information on its Web site about power outages? That immediate information would benefit residential and business owners and help the news media do its job. But nooooo.

Are your Texas electricity bills too high? Here’s a solution…

Cold weather has driven up electricity bills for Texas customers. But Watchdog Nation finds that many don’t realize they can saving lots of money if they shop around for a better deal. Watchdog Nation shows you how.