When your electric company doesn’t tell you what’s happening

Does it make sense to you that an electric company that provides power for a good portion of Texas can’t bother to place information on its Web site about power outages? That immediate information would benefit residential and business owners and help the news media do its job. But nooooo.

Are your Texas electricity bills too high? Here’s a solution…

Cold weather has driven up electricity bills for Texas customers. But Watchdog Nation finds that many don’t realize they can saving lots of money if they shop around for a better deal. Watchdog Nation shows you how.

Look at these trees! Video and pix. Wrath of the power company.

Look at this tree. Or what’s left of it. Don’t you hate when the power company comes along and willy nilly hacks off half the trees? People are sending me photos of the destruction wrought by Oncor Electric Delivery. Things got so bad that Oncor has started conducting “customer sensitivity” classes for its tree-trimming companies. This Watchdog Nation report has photos and a video.