Video: Here’s The Watchdog’s 5 Principles to Become a Super-Consumer

In this Watchdog Nation training video below — sponsored by The Dallas Morning News — Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber shows the best way to stay on top of businesses, scammers and other 21st century life annoyances.


   “I always knew you were chock-full of useful info but had no idea you were so absolutely hilarious,” J.M. wrote me.

   “I made my family listen to your five rules during dinner last night,” R.A. wrote.

   “Loved the webinar. It was short and sweet and very informative.” K.B. wrote. “Thank you for educating us and entertaining us all at the same time.”

   “I appreciate the wonderful, helpful content,” D.W. told me.

   “Your steps are very clear and give us a great blueprint to not lose out. Thanks!” wrote B.T.

   “I thought I needed a haircut, but you…,” M.G wrote.

VIDEO: The Dallas Morning News welcomes Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation to its newsroom

Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation has officially joined the talented staff at The Dallas Morning News.

Here’s a video Q & A in which the new Watchdog columnist is introduced to readers and viewers of