Charter Communications bungles collection notices

Charter Communications screws up its billing system and hundreds of former customers receive false notices from a collection agency. In some cases, Charter actually owes them money.

Customer figures out how to win dispute with water department

Watchdog Nation is fascinated by people who can convince customer service people to lower their bills. Nowhere is this more difficult than a city water bill. So when we find someone who knows how to do it, we pull up a chair and ask for a lesson.

How to fight your electric bill

A major Texas electricity retailers struggles with its customer service. Will moving workers closer to home help its customers get what they want, which is simply to be understood and have their problems solved?

BOOK REVIEW: Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong

Book reviewer Maggie Dwyer writes that since she has turned to the award-winning book Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong, “I have changed my phone company, my electric company, and my Internet service. In those few acts alone, I’ve paid for the book several times over.” In this review, she gives many examples about how this book has changed her life and those of her friends for the better. She’s a true citizen of Watchdog Nation!

Funky lamp leads him to a billionaire

Our 21st century lives are filled with the worst examples of “customer” service. Yet in this short tale, we learn about how one company — and its billionaire founder — can run against the grain. Ikea sells more than furniture, according to guest columnist Monty Snow. Ikea also sells good attitude.

Dave Lieber’s Wackiest Customer Service Call of the Year

What’s the strangest customer service telephone call you had in 2009? I have one, and fortunately, I taped it. The technical support guy in India was mesmerized by my Microsoft Word software. We struck a deal. If he could play around with it, he wouldn’t charge me. Listen to the audio files!

How NOT to fix customer service

I can’t get David Avrin’s story out of my mind. I always wondered what happens behind the secretive doors of America’s top corporations when top executives figure out that they need to bring somebody in from the outside to help fix customer service issues. But as the well-known Visibility Coach explains, he walked into a huge trap of his own making.

Getting a refund: It’s not like the good old days

A woman gets the complete runaround at Cigna health insurance. Customer service folks don’t take into account that she’s 98 years old and a little confused when she wrote a check for $4.80 but it mistakenly was $480. Did Cigna return the money right away? Noooooooooooo~!