Dave Lieber: No comment yet on presidential run

Is Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber about to mount a consumer-rights campaign for the U.S. presidency? As unlikely as that sounds, the answer, according to a Dallas Morning News posting — “New presidential candidate? Twitter thinks so” — is potentially yes. Through a series of tweets from others, the writer puts together an outline for […]

In a symbolic campaign, our guy runs for – whaa? – president!

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber is taking a stand on behalf of his readers’ number one pet peeve. His stand is a symbolic run for the U.S. presidency, which he announced Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016 in his Watchdog column in The Dallas Morning News. See it here. The pet peeve? His readers — citizens of […]

Watchdog Nation “Tougher ‘n a junkyard dawg”

Every day, Watchdog Nation receives dozens of emails and letters from people who are seeking help with their problem. The recipient, Star-Telegram Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber, only tackles a few each week. But with his Watchdog Nation website and book, he shows Americans how to fight back and win. This is a kind letter from one citizen of Watchdog Nation who gets it!

VIDEO: 2012 edition of Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation book debuts on TV

The tornadoes that ripped through North Texas in April 2012 worried Fort Worth Star-Telegram Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber for reasons that had little to do with weather. Ripoff roofers and scamming contractors are flooding the region to sign up unsuspecting customers who’ve already been hurt once, The founder of WatchdogNation.com took to the airwaves on WFAA/Channel 8’s Good Morning Texas to show simple ways to weed out evil from good before hiring anybody. The TV appearance marked the debut of the 2012 edition of the award-winning book on social change called Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong.

Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation on TV

A clear and passionate explanation of what is going on with this consumer revolutionary movement — one that is growing with more new “citizens” of Watchdog Nation getting “sworn in” every day…. enjoy….

“It’s not the $5. It’s the principle.”

Watchdog Nation hears that all the time. Dave Lieber was interviewed on radio station KYQX-FM by Linda Brooks Bagwell recently on her “Books ‘n Authors” show, which is broadcast on a chain of radio station throughout North Central and East Texas. The subject was Watchdog Nation.