Watchdog Tip of the Day: Consumer groups need your help

Do you have a pet peeve in the consumer world? Something that really annoys you because it’s unfair? There’s probably a consumer advocacy group fighting this. They’d love to have your help. In this Watchdog Video Tip of the Day, Dallas Morning News Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber shows you how to find the groups that […]

Watchdog Nation “Tougher ‘n a junkyard dawg”

Every day, Watchdog Nation receives dozens of emails and letters from people who are seeking help with their problem. The recipient, Star-Telegram Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber, only tackles a few each week. But with his Watchdog Nation website and book, he shows Americans how to fight back and win. This is a kind letter from one citizen of Watchdog Nation who gets it! called one of “40 Essential Consumer Advocate Blogs”

What do well-known blogs operated by Ralph Nader, Clark Howard, Consumer Reports and The Consumerist have in common with Dave Lieber’s They all were named as one of 40 essential consumer advocate blogs. Bookmark them for future reference. These blogs will save you time, money and aggravation for the rest of your life.

Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation on TV

A clear and passionate explanation of what is going on with this consumer revolutionary movement — one that is growing with more new “citizens” of Watchdog Nation getting “sworn in” every day…. enjoy….