Someone is targeting a gas station owner, but why?

One of the most-read stories online this month at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is this story about an old-fashioned service station owner who cannot figure out why someone in his neighborhood is targeting him with code violation complaints. Dave Lieber tries to figure out what’s going on.

City employee gets to the bottom of house thief’s scam

Watchdog Nation salutes Sarah Ireland, a low-level city employee who rolled up her sleeves and discovered that a house she was researching had been stolen by the biggest house thief in Fort Worth, Texas city history. Norris Fisher, a convicted felon, stole more than 100 homes. He tried to disguise what he did, but Ireland — and prosecutors — figured it out.

YouTube video gets city to cleanup neglected house

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber sends a YouTube video to the code compliance director of his city, Fort Worth, Texas. The video and photos represent a plea by an 87-year-old woman for someone to clean up the nasty vacant house and yard next door to her. Within minutes of seeing the images, city officials say they have enough probable cause to get a warrant to enter the property and end the 7-year example of urban neglect. But it’s part of a bigger problem.

A man fights for his right to have a garden

The man had an English-styled cottage garden in his front lawn. But one day while he was home, he heard heavy equipment outside. “I came out into the front yard and everything was gone,” he says. “Not just mowed. They scraped it to the bare dirt with a big riding lawnmower. I was horrified.” But he fought and ….