Joe Manchin’s first legislative deal 30 years ago

   “See that guy? He’s going to be governor one day.”    The words came from an elder statesman of the West Virginia Legislature, telling a young reporter, me, some 30 years ago, about the future of a freshman state representative named Joe Manchin.   And the words came true. Not only did young Manchin […]

Do a quick background check before workers enter your house

In a previous era, when the appliance repairman arrived at your house in his pressed shirt with him company name on his uniform, you felt safe. These days, you don’t know who is entering your house. Or do you? A simple background check – even one done on a smart phone – could have prevented this homeowner from hiring a convicted thief who stole his money and never fixed his frig.

Woman learns lesson about checking a contractor’s background

Watchdog Nation advice: If you hire a home remodeling contractor without doing a background check, you increase your chances of trouble ten-fold. Here’s an example.

Background checks on pennies a day

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber shares one of his biggest secrets for getting the goods on people before you hire them. With this paid but inexpensive website, sometimes you learn that the goods are really the bads.