How to beat a Texas electric company when your variable rate goes up too much

If you are a Texas electricity customer with a variable rate plan, and your bill skyrockets, here’s the Watchdog Nation strategy to complain and possibly get your bill lowered.

Playing The Gong Show with Government

What if talking back to the government was as easy as playing in the silly Gong Show? You don’t like what they do or say? Just GONG ‘EM!

Do electricity regulators really regulate?

Watchdog Nation had a theory: Some electricity companies, despite horrendous customer service, are getting away with it. But is the theory true?

Based on the hundreds of letters we receive each year at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram from people complaining about their electricity bills, we wondered what happened to the thousands of complaints about electricity companies that go to the Public Utility Commission of Texas each year.

Do the companies get penalized?

Behind the scenes at a troubled Texas electric company

The story on the lawsuit involving Amigo Energy of Houston’s former CEO against the current CEO, the lawsuit alleges, “involves the greed and corruption of certain individuals and legal entities that led to blatant and knowingly illegal efforts to collect improper rates from Texas retail electricity consumers.”