Subject of Watchdog Nation report convicted of theft

Malachi Crump, subject of a previous Watchdog Nation report, has been convicted in New Orleans of stealing more than $100,000 from families who sought to rebuild their homes destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.

Crump, 64, was found guilty in November 2013 on three counts of felony theft, one for each family he swindled, the New Orleans Advocate reports.

Crump, on parole and never licensed in Louisiana, owned Chimere’s Builders. He signed contracts with three elderly women promising to completely renovate their homes. They gave him thousands in down payments and some wrote additional checks for supplies, according to published reports. Authorities say he did some work at some houses and nothing at others. When the homeowners began asking questions, he disappeared.

Watchdog Nation first reported Crump’s similar activities in Texas. Read that Watchdog Nation report on Malachi Crump here.

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Malachi Crump

Malachi Crump






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