Honoring the late great Betty Brink of Fort Worth Weekly

Thank you Fort Worth Weekly for printing my letter to the editor about Betty Brink, a legendary reporter who passed away recently at age 80.

betty brink letter

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  1. Shirley Henderson says

    I was ripped off by TXU today, I was having problems in Paying my bill and was asking for more time to make a payment due to sickness and no income, I talked to a ‘Marcus’ he lead me to believe If I made a deposit $170 payment he could give me more time to pay the balance of my bill. So I gave TXU the last of all my money in the bank that I had, once the payment was confirmed, this ‘Marcus’ person then told me he could not help me anymore and if I don’t want my lights for go out I needed to pay another payment $340 quote “Marcus: We are not able to set another payment plan for you since the system will not allow us to create another one, please contact us at 1-800-5509803 to set up a payment plan directly with a supervisor in case you need more time to pay. Then signed off. so now I have no money in my bank or any way to get any by legal means and I am about to be CUT OFF as well and All I did was request was more time to pay now I am out of money out of lighting and heat and out of time, it’s not that I did not or could not pay all I needed was 10 days for the next pay check and this account would have been settled in full not to conned out of what funds I had and left in the dark.

  2. Dave Lieber Dave Lieber says

    You need to file a complaint for deceptive business practices to the Public Utility Commission of Texas. And you need to call Texas Help Line 211. They can tell you how you may qualify for charitable help on your utility bill. The power companies, some of them, pay into this and it helps Texans in straits like you are in.