Are your Texas electricity bills too high? Here’s a solution…

The battle cry for residents in a seniors community in Fort Worth, Texas goes like this:

“I’m gettin’ beat ’cause I want to use some heat!”

Residents tried to figure out why their electric bills have doubled in the past few months.

Last week, they called a meeting and invited me. They showed me their bills, almost all of them from TXU Energy. They had a lot of theories about what went wrong — meters not read properly, for example.

After I bit, as I first reported in the Jan. 31, 2010 Dave Lieber column in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, I gave them my initial expert opinion.

It was bitterly cold in late December. Of course bills go up.

But then I dug deeper into their cases, looking at their bills and asking each resident two crucial questions:

What kilowatt-per-hour rate do you pay?

When does your contract expire?

Almost nobody knew the answers. Their problem, it seems, is much worse than high winter bills. Most likely, these residents are paying more than necessary because they haven’t shopped around for electricity. Unfortunately, many Texans still don’t know how to do that.

We worked on their cases, and in the end, I hope I solved their problem. Best of all, my solution may work for you, too. But before we get to that, let’s listen to a few of the residents:

Martha Beaman: “My bill was $28 in November. Then, in December, it was $256. And for January, it was $233. I am never at home. I work. This is stressful because my wages haven’t gone up as the bill goes up. I have to calculate every penny I earn because my job has been cut back on hours this month. I’m struggling.”

Shirley Stockton: “I knew the cold weather was coming and cranked my heater down to 65. I turned my water heater off through the cold snap, and the bill still went from $36 to $96. I only turn my water heater on every few days when I need it.” (When she called to tell a TXU rep that, she says the rep told her that hot water “is a privilege.”)

Debbie Wilson: Her bill jumped from $78 to $176 to $272: “After I got the high bill for December, I cut my thermostat to 67. I use oxygen at night, so I have to have enough electricity to pay for that. I’d rather go cold than not have my air at night.”

Anita Mayfield: Her bill went from $64 to $149. “I’m getting tired of cooking on a microwave. I wear sweats all the time. I have the thermostat turned down to 60 degrees. I wash in cold water. When you live on a fixed income, you can’t afford this. You don’t know where you are going to pay these extras from.”

Charlie Berry: His bill went from $40 to $176 to $227. “At this rate, by the time I get the next bill, I’m going to have to apply for assistance from the U.S. government just to pay my electric bill.”

Steve Kerr: “During the cold snap I was out of town for three weeks with the heating system turned off.” His bill went from $90 to $146 to $236. He is skeptical about whether the meter was read. “Whether or not it was read — that’s the $64,000 question,” he says.

Oncor spokeswoman Carol Peters said later that the bills are higher because this has been the second-coldest winter in the past two decades. “There’s a 30 percent increase in the heating requirements over last year,” she said. Oncor delivers the electricity through the lines and hires the meter readers. TXU is the residents’ retail provider by their choice.

TXU spokeswoman Sophia Stoller looked at 13 cases of Providence Village residents provided by The Watchdog. All but one seemed accurate, she said. In the questionable case, the initial bill looked too low.

TXU offers several ways for customers to get help with their bills, including a 10 percent discount as part of the Low Income Discount Plan. But you have to ask. TXU Energy Aid helps customers who say they have a hardship, such as loss of job or illness.

When I looked at the residents’ bills, I found that many are paying as much as 13, 14 or 15 cents per kilowatt-hour.

However, last week, the state-run Web site showed the lowest prices I’ve seen — 8.5 cents per kilowatt-hour.

So the quickest way to lower your electric bill is not to turn down a thermostat or turn off a water heater but to learn when your contract expires and shop for a better deal. If there’s a cancellation fee, it will be more than covered in a few months by cutting a 15-cent rate almost in half.

As proof, one Providence Village resident said she paid $250 to cancel her contract before it expired so she could switch to Green Mountain Energy. Her neighbors sighed when Helen Nash reported that her recent bill was only $93.

If you’re not sure about the best way to shop around, I’ve got you covered. I’ve distributed tens of thousands of free copies of my guide showing how to get the best buy in Texas electricity. You can find it by clicking here on “Dave Lieber Guide to Saving on Your Electricity Bill.”

You can also e-mail me at or request a copy at Dave Lieber, Star-Telegram, P.O. Box 1870, Fort Worth, TX 76101.

What to do If you need help on your electric bill, call 211.

Customers who receive food stamps or Medicaid may qualify for the Lite Up Texas discount or other assistance.

Ask your electric company whether it offers assistance. Also ask to pay a big bill over several months, allowed under law.

On Feb. 3, 2010, Tarrant County Human Services will take applications from those who are retired or on disability and receive no other income. Call 817-531-5620 on Wednesday and ask for an appointment. Only 500 appointments will be scheduled.

Source: Tarrant County Human Services

# # #

Dave Lieber, The Watchdog columnist for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, is the founder of Watchdog Nation. The new 2010 edition of his book, Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong, is out. Revised and expanded, the book won two national book awards in 2009 for social change. Twitter @DaveLieber

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  1. Archie Chamness says


    I to have received very large utility bills over the last few months and just feel so helpless in getting this resolved. While I did expect my utility bill to jump a little due to the cold weather I never dreamed it would be this much. My situation is similar to some of these people in the article. I am a customer of Stream Energy and am locked into a 10.6 per kwh rate thank goodness so I know my problem is not rate related. My problem is usage. over the last 6 months since I purchased my home I have averaged under 1000 kw a month but when I received my January bill for the month of December usage is more than tripled up to 3166 kw used during the month and cost me $359. I understand that there was a large snow storm and very cold temperatures during the end of that month however I was out of town from 12-23-09 until 12-31-09 and had everything turned off in my house except my heater which I left on 60 degrees. I am a single man living by myself and before all of my problems kept my thermostat set on 68-70 degrees. I just feel like 3166 kw is an extremely large amount for me to use especially when I am doing nothing different in my life. Since receiving this large electric bill I have been keeping up with my meter reading on almost a daily basis and been taking steps such as unplugging everything in my house not being used and leaving my thermostat on 60-62. While doing this helped a little I am still using between 50-100 kw every day and just received my next bill for usage for the month of January. I now used 2165 kw for a $242 electric bill. The meter reads what is being billed for usage but I just do not believe I am using that much electricty. I called Stream Energy and they told me that there was nothing that they could do because they are billing me for the usage that they are told to bill me and to call Oncor. I then called Oncor and have scheduled for them to come out and test my meter. The problem is that they said that it usually takes up to 10 days for them to come out, but due to a large amount of complaints they were running behind and it might take 30 days for them to come out to my house to test my meter. By then I am going to have another $200-$300 electric bill and I just cannot afford that every month in this bad economy. I also find it interesting that if you do a google search on this issue you can find the same complaints that I have made as well as the ones you reported, in other parts of the state such as a group in Killeen ( Have you heard of any resolution yet to these other peopels isssues or have any other suggestions for other options for a course of action that I should take? Thanks for your time in reading my issue.

    Archie Chamness

  2. Let me recommend this Web site to you as a potential solution to your problem:

  3. A lot of people mentioned powertochoose, but there is so many hidden fees from different companies they do not list on the website. You really cannot base everything on the $/kw. Some companies advertised 8.9cents per kw, but its based on 2000kw usage and with $10.00~20.00 monthly charges.

    I am a licensed energy consultant and will offer free consultant on how to save on your electric bill. I have averaged saved people 200~300 a year.
    I will shop for the best deal for you.

    The transfer is very easy, we will take care of everything from you.
    The same company will do the repair and service as well.
    Nothing changes except a lower bill.
    That is a fact.

  4. You also have to look into the TDSP charges. Most of the time, <A HREF="">Texas Electric Companies</A> ignore the computation for this and you end up getting charged more for their negligence.

  5. Great point.

  6. Excellent point. The bills and plans are entirely too complicated. I'm glad you shared your contact information.

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  9. I watched the video…these people have the same issue I have but what I don't understand is how they are laughing. This matter is not funny at all. It is taking two pay periods for me to pay my light bill. Laugh…I want to cry.

  10. Arris, I guess they are laughing in my video because we turned lemons into lemonade and had fun as we battled the electric company together. Life is so sad that even when bad things happen, we can turn it around and find the funny.

  11. Thank you!

  12. I want to tell you that I know for a FACT that the Oncor meter readers are NOT reading the meters! I have caught them on SEVERAL occasions just passing peoples meters up! They would have had to go to the side of their houses to read those meters.. Instead, they just kept on walking! I tried to warn my neighbors but they do not speak English nor I Spanish. There was no way for me to inform them.

    I have seen them skip by my house so many times. Several times I have had to go outside and ask them what my reading was. They couldn't tell me. They HAD to go back to my meter and put that information in. You know what? My bill went down almost $300 that next month.

    Unfortunately, we cannot always be out there to make sure that they are doing their jobs. It's not the electric company's fault! It's the meter readers being lazy!

    I am on social security disability and have been since around 2005. My electric bill makes or breaks me each month. This month it was over $400. Me and my children all but froze to death to keep the reading down. It went from over $400 in January to just under $200 in February then back up to over $400 in March. How is that even possible????!!!! The $200 or under should have been more like it!

    TXU has all but called me a liar! I asked for Oncor to come out and check my meter… I waited in my room for 5 days and NEVER saw Oncor at my window checking my meter! They of course said that they came and checked it. LIARS! I made sure to be in my room at my window ALL day for 5 days and NO ONE came!

    There should be laws to protect us! They should make sure that their employees are doing their jobs!!!! We are the ones who are suffering! It's just not fair how they can get away with this!

  13. Thanks Tracy. I appreciate this post!

  14. This Story makes me angry because, I remember as a child when water and electricity billy used to stree my mother so much. SHe was a single woman and was working hard to pay for our house and school. Whatever we did to help make the electricity bills less just seemed like it was not working. My mom used to be in and out of hospitals due to stress…

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