Foundation repair man indicted for theft

Here’s an important update on our original Watchdog Nation report about a Fort Worth, Texas man who lost $19,000 in a foundation repair job.

This is the project that Watchdog Nation partnered with Mike Holmes of HGTV fame to correct after the foundation job went awry.

As readers of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Dave Lieber Watchdog column first learned, Hubert Burdick, 48, who owns the home remodeling company involved, was indicted by a Tarrant County, Texas criminal grand jury for theft. Burdick is accusing of taking payment for work he never did.

Burdick previously served 15 years in prison for burglary and driving while intoxicated. He’s charged with theft of less than $20,000, prosecutors say.

Read the original story here.

Hubert Burdick, indicted for theft

Watchdog Nation contributed this cover story to Holmes on Holmes magazine about the incident.

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