The Eight Ways I Was Scammed in 2009

A pal of mine just wrote me that he hasn’t been scammed since 1975. He said he wasn’t greedy, so he didn’t look for easy money. That’s why, he said, that he isn’t victimized.

I’m happy for him.

However, I don’t consider myself greedy. And I’ve been victimized eight times this year with annoying stuff that takes time to sort out. It doesn’t have to do with me being greedy. It’s about the inefficiencies, poor customer service and culture of greed that swirls around us.

I listed all the scams that penetrated my life this year in the second edition of my book that comes out next week — Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation (2nd edition, Revised and Expanded.)

Below is a sneak preview from the book — a double winner with two national book awards for social change in 2009. And I just noticed that this new page appears on page 13. Fitting.


Dave's 8 Scams in 2009 2

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