Houston’s NewsRadio 740 AM turns to Watchdog Nation for advice

Houston’s NewsRadio 740 AM turns to Watchdog Nation for help dealing with fraudulent door-to-door salesmen. Here’s the report and also copied below:

Dave Lieber on the radio

The big federal push to cover the uninsured is still a couple years away, but con-artists are getting an early start.

By John Labus

April 9, 2010  — They’re preying on the uninformed, getting people to buy health insurance policies that don’t exist. “The days of the Fuller Brush man and the encyclopedia salesman, those are over.”

Consumer advocate Dave Lieber with WatchdogNation.com says even if you have coverage, they’ll try to sell a fake supplemental policy. “The elderly are the easiest; they love it when an older person comes to the door. But they’ll take a 30-year housewife and sell her Obama Care too.”

Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary of Aging Kathy Greenlee says federal authorities are taking special care to warn the elderly about this latest scheme.

“First of all, the federal government is not going door-to-door to sell insurance. There’s no part of health reform that includes door-to-door salesmen… Be very careful with (your) Medicare number, and don’t give it out to people that you don’t have a prior relationship with.”

But Lieber adds that it’s not just the elderly who can fall into this trap. “They’re targeting everybody. And the most well-informed person is still susceptible to the scam that comes to their front door, because the scammers know how to talk to people in a way that just makes you feel at ease.”

Both agree that if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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