Dave Lieber: No comment yet on presidential run

Is Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber about to mount a consumer-rights campaign for the U.S. presidency?

As unlikely as that sounds, the answer, according to a Dallas Morning News posting —
“New presidential candidate? Twitter thinks so” — is potentially yes.

Through a series of tweets from others, the writer puts together an outline for a Lieber candidacy.

One potential slogan according to a leaked bumper sticker: “Watchdog 2016 – Take the CON out of consumer.”

Lieber declined to comment, even to his own Watchdog Nation.

He, supposedly, was holed up in his writer’s den working on something special.

“Stay tuned,” Watchdog desk administrator Marina Trahan Martinez tweeted with the #watchdogforpresident hashtag.

Read the full DallasNews.com post here.


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