Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber gives TED talk on power of storytelling

Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation works to change the mindset of Americans about how easy it is to fight back and win. The way to do this is with stories that show how others have achieved victory against corporate thugs and scammers. Watch this funny TED talk video and learn how Dave Lieber, The Watchdog columnist for […]

The Watchdog frets about his son’s new driver’s license and car

The Watchdog is supposed to be infallible, impervious to supervillains, shoddy corporations and disappearing refrigerator repairmen. But I have one vulnerability that leaves me with an overwhelming sense of helplessness and resignation. It’s not battling an electric company or arguing with a cellphone company. Much worse than that. My vulnerability involves someone I cherish, now […]

The Watchdog: Friend’s death from MRSA changed how I saw the world

I kept thinking about my old newspaper friend Chris Neely. In recent weeks, every time I drove by the cemetery where he is buried, something tugged at me to find his grave. First, I asked my youngest son to jog through the cemetery and look for his tombstone. But that didn’t work. Austin couldn’t find […]

Watchdog Tip of the Day: Fight a bad water bill

Your water bill arrives and it’s ultra-high. But when you contact the water department, they don’t care. What do you do about a high water bill? In this Watchdog Video Tip of the Day, Dallas Morning News Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber shares ideas about how to prove to your water department that it made a […]

The Watchdog: A watchdog tends to the meaning of life at a historic Texas cemetery

For the last half century, Jack Cook prepared for the day he would die. He thought about it, he prayed about it, and more than anything else, he tenderly cared for the sacred and historic cemetery grounds in which he knew he would spend eternity. The land is Lonesome Dove Cemetery in Southlake, and it […]

Honoring the late great Betty Brink of Fort Worth Weekly

Thank you Fort Worth Weekly for printing my letter to the editor about Betty Brink, a legendary reporter who passed away recently at age 80.

How to survive 20 years as a Texas newspaperman without voodoo

   Forget the awards and the thousands of columns I wrote and all the people I met and helped — and who helped me. Looking back on 20 years as a columnist at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram — a career that ended with a layoff last week — I’m proudest of the little box.   The […]

The Story of Bless 7 and

Bless7, part of TeachingU2Fish, is an investment plan that has spread from Florida to Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. Here’s what it’s like to attend one of the regular Tuesday night meetings, in a story told by Fort Worth Star-Telegram Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber, founder of

REVIEW: New Bad Dad book by Dave Lieber is “a fascinating read, full of drama, humor and pathos”

Book reviewer Betty Brink calls Dave Lieber’s new book, Bad Dad, “a fascinating read, full of drama, humor, and pathos. But more than that, it is chilling. It shows just how the power of an inept and vindictive police department can turn one family’s life into a nightmare and scare the hell out of the accused, who had more than one moment of panic that he might lose his kids.”

Scammers: Don’t mess with kids!

When found out 16 kids and their teacher lost more than $2,000 to a fictitious publishing company, we leapt into action. The middle school authors had written a book, but the book never arrived. Quickly, our creative team helped the teacher get the book out. The book signing was yesterday at a Borders book store. The original “publisher” still has the money. But the kids are happy.