What happened when Watchdog Nation ate lunch with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

My #shameATT campaign on Twitter landed Watchdog Nation in the office of AT&T CEO/Chairman/President/Big Kahuna Randall Stephenson. Hear what happened when we gave him a red binder full of complaints Here’s the story that originally appeared in the Dave Lieber Watchdog column in The Dallas Morning News. A mistake I made about AT&T led me […]

Why AT&T customer service sucks

For 10 years,  Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation has received a steady flow of complaints about AT&T. Hundreds upon hundreds. More than any other company by far. Each complaint I forward gets fixed. But in a greater sense, it seems nothing gets fixed. Is the culture of Dallas-based AT&T to accept the trove of complaints but […]

Guide to Saving on Your Electricity Bill

For Texas readers: Want to save hundreds of dollars a year? When it comes to making your family’s decision about which electricity power company to choose, you have to be your own watchdog. Before your current electricity contract expires, you will have to make major decisions: Will you stay with your current company or switch to an unknown? Should you extend the contract for a year, a half-year, three months or go month-to-month? What about a fixed rate versus a variable rate? Here’s Watchdog Nation’s gift to you – The 2012 Guide to Picking the Best Electricity Provider.

Five Bills Designed to Make Texas Consumer-Friendly

Make shopping for electricity fairer for Texans. Force roofers to get a state license. Stop charging extra for people who pay with debit and credit cards. Verify that fingerprinting all Texans for driver’s licenses is legal. Protect auto insurance customers who ask questions about their policies. These are the five dream bills offered up by […]

The Watchdog: Stream Energy target of racketeering class-action lawsuit

One of Texas’ best-known electricity companies has been smacked with a major and quite unexpected setback. Stream Energy and its marketing arm Ignite face a class-action lawsuit in a Houston federal court charging that Stream and Ignite sell through a pyramid scheme in violation of federal racketeering laws. The recipients of any potential settlement include […]

The Watchdog: Richardson lawyer accuses DirecTV of fraud, conspiracy, racketeering

The man sitting at the counter at Zeke’s Kitchen restaurant in Garland is acting suspicious. He doesn’t want any food but takes a glass of water. He says he’s waiting on a friend, but no one shows up. He asks that the channel be changed on the restaurant TV. Then the man steps outside and […]

The Watchdog: Texas electricity companies profit from fees that some call ‘money for nothing’

Most Texas electricity companies charge extra fees on customer bills that have little to do with electricity. These companies slide through giant loopholes in state law that often shock customers when a monthly bill arrives. For instance, an electric company serving North Texas customers pays Oncor Electric Delivery only $2.30 to disconnect a household from […]

The Watchdog: With electric companies, level of trust is low

I guess it’s fair to say I’m obsessed with electricity companies in Texas, or more particularly the unfair methods they sometimes foist on unsuspecting customers. In any relationship where you buy a product from a vendor, there has to be a level of trust. Trust that the gallon of milk for your family is healthy […]

The Watchdog: Electric bill may come as jolt

In the confusing and sometimes deceptive Texas residential electricity market, certain monthly charges called delivery fees are often more frustrating than a brownout. Some electric companies list them in marketing materials and bills. Others don’t. Delivery fees can add as much as 30 percent to a bill. But some electricity sales people only sell customers […]

Watchdog Tip of the Day: Fight a bad water bill

Your water bill arrives and it’s ultra-high. But when you contact the water department, they don’t care. What do you do about a high water bill? In this Watchdog Video Tip of the Day, Dallas Morning News Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber shares ideas about how to prove to your water department that it made a […]