Dear Watchdog Nation: A look back at the trouble we caused in 2016

Dear Citizens of Watchdog Nation, You know those annoying holiday letters people send bragging about exotic vacations, their children’s middle school exploits and the sad death of their cat? My partner Marina Trahan Martinez and I can’t resist. Welcome to The Watchdog family holiday letter, in which we lovingly look back and reflect on one […]

In a symbolic campaign, our guy runs for – whaa? – president!

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber is taking a stand on behalf of his readers’ number one pet peeve. His stand is a symbolic run for the U.S. presidency, which he announced Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016 in his Watchdog column in The Dallas Morning News. See it here. The pet peeve? His readers — citizens of […]

How to fight terrible companies

On TV: Fighting back the Watchdog Nation way Thanks to Kristi Nelson and NBC5 for letting me share Watchdog Nation’s ways to fight back every Monday around 11:20 am. Become a citizen of Watchdog Nation: \ Still here? Visit Dave Lieber’s other fun websites:

Five Bills Designed to Make Texas Consumer-Friendly

Make shopping for electricity fairer for Texans. Force roofers to get a state license. Stop charging extra for people who pay with debit and credit cards. Verify that fingerprinting all Texans for driver’s licenses is legal. Protect auto insurance customers who ask questions about their policies. These are the five dream bills offered up by […]

Top 10 Consumer Tips for 2015

This video shows the best tips for 2015 from Dallas Morning News Watchdogs Dave Lieber and Marina Trahan Martinez. How did we figure this out? Based on our mail and the most common problems we see. If you hit most of these correctly, you’ll lessen your chances for a hassle-free ’15. Happy New Year from […]

The Watchdog: JFK launched the U.S. consumer-rights movement

In the billion words written about President John F. Kennedy in these last days, almost everyone has missed one of the most important contributions of his presidency. JFK is the founder of the American consumer rights movement. I bet you didn’t know that. Here’s how it happened. The year before he died, Kennedy stood before […]

The Watchdog: Open government in Texas is getting more open thanks to new state laws

Don’t fall off your chair when you hear this, but the Texas Legislature has enacted major changes in how Texans can monitor their local, county and state governments. These changes are for the better for both officials and the public. Texas is the first state in the nation to create a new way to monitor […]

The Watchdog: How much do you know about protecting seniors?

Think about Grandma or Grandpa. Or your elderly dad or mom. Or maybe even you, getting older. Do you know the rights of older Texans? Do you know ways to protect them? Let’s take The Watchdog’s Elder Care Knowledge Quiz. 1. When a senior has a problem, a quick and reliable way to find professionals who […]

Watchdog: (Video) “Free” is a Four-Letter Word

Watchdog Dave Lieber researches for Sunday’s column whether TXU’s “free” nights and weekends program is really a good deal. Video edited by: Marina Trahan Martinez. READ THE COLUMN ABOUT THIS HERE. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

Watchdog Tip of the Day: Complain about a rental car company

What happens when something goes wrong with a rental car agency? The Dallas Morning News Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber shows consumers how to “flood the zone.” In our Watchdog Video Tip of the Day, we try to solve problems in under a minute. – – – – – – – – – – – – […]