2009 Winner of two top awards from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. “Every city needs a Dave Lieber,” one judge said. “Dave Lieber’s columns quickly and easily create a sense of outrage in a reader. He writes about rip-offs, scams and jerks who take advantage of the most vulnerable people in society.”


2009 Winner of Defending the Disadvantaged/First Amendment Awardfrom the Society of Professional Journalists.


Winner of Two National Book Awards in 2009. – The Next Generation Indie Book Award for Social Change and The National Best Books Award for Social Change. The book was also named one of the top 10 consumer books of 2009.


Judges in the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Awards call Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation “A really useful book! … I just kept flipping from page to page, case to case; laughing and learning from the lead watchdog.” A second judge: “I loved this book! It addresses, in a very clear fashion, how to stop scammers, as well as how to resolve bill disputes with AT&T, the electric company, etc. … Highly recommended.”