AUDIO: How to handle a Do-Not-Call List violator – Kill ’em with stupidity!

Do you get annoyed when violators of the Do Not Call list interrupt you? Even worse, when the illegal caller comes from an extended car warranty company?

Extended car warranties are total rip-offs. Why? The companies often go out of business before you can get your money’s worth. Even worse, car repair shops tell you that whatever problem you have isn’t covered. Sorry, bud.

So how do you handle these illegal callers? Everybody has their own solution. Some hang up. Others scream profanities (Don’t call me you $*$#@!). Still others reply with jibberish.

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber shows on comical way to handle illegal phone telemarketers.

Here’s how Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber handled one illegal caller. Dave Lieber doesn’t have a problem with people trying to earn an honest living. But keep this in mind: the number this crooked company called is on both the national and Texas Do Not Call lists. It’s against the law! But rather than berate them for their criminal business, Dave kills them with abject stupidity. It’s a match made in heaven.

Enjoy this audio. Hope it makes you laugh and inspires you to do your best to make the lives of these illegal callers a holy heck.

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