VIDEO: Don Wilson of Bless 7 and TeachingU2fish shows Ford car for raffle that never was

Screen shot of car video

VIDEO: Thousands of people have paid into an investment program called Bless 7, part of Some have complained that they haven’t been paid. Now Don Wilson, the founder and CEO, has announced a car raffle. Tickets were sold, but the car was never bought and the raffle was never held. In this video, listen as Wilson shows the car and makes promises that were never kept.

Bless 7 and sell tickets for non-existent car raffle

Raffle ticket

Here’s the story of a car raffle where only tickets are sold. There’s no car. There’s no drawing. But there are a lot of investors in the Bless 7/TeachingU2fish program that are screaming FOUL. Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation exposes it all.

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