Scammers: Don’t mess with kids!

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When found out 16 kids and their teacher lost more than $2,000 to a fictitious publishing company, we leapt into action. The middle school authors had written a book, but the book never arrived. Quickly, our creative team helped the teacher get the book out. The book signing was yesterday at a Borders book store. The original “publisher” still has the money. But the kids are happy.

How to get your self-published book printed

Dave Lieber exposes a self-publishing scam

With about one million books published each year, Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber notes that one of the easiest ways to scam people is to create a bogus publishing company, take their money — and run! Here, he shows how some innocent middle school students watched as their publishing dreams were shattered by an Indiana publishing company that never kept its promise to them.

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