Guide to Saving on Your Electricity Bill

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For Texas readers: Want to save hundreds of dollars a year? When it comes to making your family’s decision about which electricity power company to choose, you have to be your own watchdog. Before your current electricity contract expires, you will have to make major decisions: Will you stay with your current company or switch to an unknown? Should you extend the contract for a year, a half-year, three months or go month-to-month? What about a fixed rate versus a variable rate? Here’s Watchdog Nation’s gift to you – The 2012 Guide to Picking the Best Electricity Provider.

The Watchdog: AT&T retiree asks if she’s victim of a bait-and-switch

Dave Lieber's Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong

Virginia Bowers was once in love, but not anymore. Her paramour was her company, Southwestern Bell, where she worked as a manager for almost three decades. The company helped her raise three children as a single mom. “I was enamored with the security,” she says. No more. Dealing with her old Southwestern Bell, now flying […]

The Watchdog: Is this the worst electricity company in Texas?

electric company

The worst electricity company in Texas. That’s what state regulators are calling Proton Energy of Fort Worth. They say Proton, which serves homes and businesses, botched almost everything that an electric company must do. The Public Utility Commission of Texas wants to shut down Proton — the second time it has tried to close the […]

The Watchdog: In the world of Texas electricity, free is not always free


TXU Free Weekends promises free electricity for 48 hours beginning at midnight Friday. But during the week, expect to pay 19 cents per kwh. Holy moly! It’s free, The Watchdog says, but it’s expensive when it’s not. Can a company say something is free when it’s not? Can a company put the word free in […]

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: AT&T will take $14 off your phone bill, but there’s a catch

att (1)

   Here’s big news that could save you $168 a year on your phone bill. But of course, AT&T isn’t calling to tell you.    Watchdog Nation is.    You may be entitled to a $14 reduction on your monthly phone bill – plus another three months of back credit for another $42. Over a […]

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